Team Sledd

Team Sledd

Sledd Co. Purchases Land

Two landmark businesses are set to meet the wrecking ball to make way for an expansion of the thriving Sledd Co., a convience store regional distributor headquartered in the Elm Grove neighborhood of Wheeling.

According to Robert M. Sincavich, president of Sledd Co., an agreement has been reached for his company to purchase 6 adjacent acres of property on East Cove Avenue for future expansion of warehousing operations in Elm Grove. The property targeted for purchase currently houses the Elm Grove Bowling Lanes and the Foggy Bottom Play Center. The property transfer is expected to occur by September 30.

" Our continued growth and success has created a need for our company to expand its warehousing operations, and this parcel is well-suited to meeting that need. All the employees of Sledd are justifiably proud of the success we have achieved in serving our customers, and as we look to an even more successful future, we need to consider how best to expand our operations," he said. 

Sledd Co. currently operates with 235 employees, up from about 100 workers since the late 1990s. The expansion is likely to lead to additional employment opportunities, Sincavich said.

"We look forward to developing an expansion plan for the property and are confident of the support of both local and state officials in ensuring the continued success of Sledd as a significant West Virginia employer and the continued personal success of our employees."

Sledd Co. is a distributor serving convenience stores, cigarette and tobacco stores and other wholesale customers in six states from its facility Elm Grove. Sledd operates 24 hours a day, five days a week and serves its customers via a fleet of 40 vehicles.