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WAM : Your Complete C-Store Rebate and Merchandising Solution

The complete solution for c-store accrual management designed for independents and chain. The WAM program provides a unique opportunity to earn ongoing rebates on most items in your store…

Earn ongoing WAM rebates plus rack placement dollars from WAM manufacturers. One check issued for all WAM participating manufacturers.Your Sledd Co. sales representative will supply information regularly to assist in managing your WAM accrual program. BETTER RESULT = GREATER DOLLARS EARNED.Saves time, money and hassles.

Retailers placing Multi Vendor End-cap (MVE) programs have category growth of 19 – 25%. Maximize sales and profits by utilizing the Best-of –the Best brands on these high sales/profit merchandising displays.

Warehouse delivered snacks offer 10 – 20% higher margins than Direct Store Delivery vendors.The average c-store increases of $10,000 in sales and $4,200 in profits per rack. 73% of MVE purchases are impulse driven. Only 25% of c-store customers go down the aisle, MVE racks make more sense than ever! Don’t miss this incremental opportunity. Monthly Promotions booklet has the best: Manufacturers, Display vehicles, Deals and the Hottest new items.